GoGun comp on walden arms rifle
GoGun USA Super Comp XL Review
  This short video demonstrates the GoGun USA Super Comp XL on a Walden Arms AR15. This comp makes a .223/5.56 have virtually no felt recoil or sight movement instead giving it the “feels like a .22” when shooting any AR15 platform.  Like other GoGun® products it “breaks” the problem into multiple axis. The case […]
beretta pico with laser
Beretta Pico Range Review – The Perfect Summer Carry Gun
Looking for a small last minute Easter gift? How about a Beretta Pico? The Pico is a great little pocket pistol that is perfect for shorts or summer clothing. In case your wondering what it shoots like, watch our video. We test fire both mags through the pic and talk about the features and benefits To […]
Obsidian Arms handguard
Obsidian Arms 15″ 3 Gun Keymod Handguard – Review and Installation
Finally got this awesome Obsidian Arms keymod rail mounted. This is one of the easiest rail systems I have installed. The quality and tight fit makes it look and feel like a rail that is 2x more expensive. This rail is made in the USA!! Originally, this 3 Gun rail was designed for competition shooters […]
Ruger-556 rifle
Ruger AR 556 Review
In this quick video I review the American made Ruger AR 556. The AR 556 is a high value, low cost version of Eugene Stoner’s AR-15, with some very interesting innovations incorporated by Ruger. Call or email Walden Arms to get your own Ruger AR 556. 269-788-4606   Have fun shooting and be safe!
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