After speaking with VFW Post #4073 we have mutually decided to cancel class this Friday March 20, 2020. Due to the current Center for Disease Control recommendations we have collectively chosen to air on the side of caution and cancel class for March 20, 2020. We have students in class who come from all over the state and some who may have underlying conditions.

Taking this into consideration, we feel that canceling our large group session is the best way to make sure you all stay healthy. We want to make sure you are all caught up with your builds prior to the scheduled April 24, 2020 class. In an attempt to do this we will be offering much smaller group builds between now and then. Please contact Chris Walden via phone: (269)788-4606 or by Facebook Messenger to schedule your session.

If you would like more information regarding COVID-19 the Center for Disease Control’s official website.

If you have any further questions our contact page is located here.