AR Build Class Cancellation March 20, 2020
Due to the current Center for Disease Control recommendations we have collectively chosen to air on the side of caution and cancel class for March 20, 2020
Custom Glock
Build Your Own Gucci Glock Class 2020
This article highlights the dates and qualification for taking the Build Your Own Custom Glock class with Walden Arms, LLC.
Build Your Own AR-15
This article highlights the upcoming build your own AR class held by Walden Arms, LLC.
LEO vehicle stopped at intersection
Walden Arms is a LEO Training and Gear Provider
Walden Arms, LLC wins LEO training and gear contracts. The Veteran Owned, full service gun shop has been awarded several law enforcement agency contracts.
News Chris at the Build Your Own Black Rifle Class
Walden Arms in the News!
Walden Arms in the News! Walden Arms has been in the spotlight of local and national news in the last week. Our Build Your Own AR-15 (the evil black rifle) Class on March 27th 2018 drew the attention of both protestors and reporters. You can read the complete articles in the links below: The Battle […]