Concealed Pistol License Course Information:

In order to successfully complete the CPL course students must complete all three phases: prequalification, academic, positional shooting and 50 round qualification instruction as well as hands on practice. Walden Arms CPL meets and exceeds the State of Michigan requirements.

If you do not have a gun to use for the course we can help you find and purchase one. If you need ammo we offer special pricing on it for students enrolled in our CPL course.

To start off, there are some minimum requirements you must meet to enroll in a CPL course. They are as follows:

  1. You must be 21, Michigan Resident
  2. You must have your own pistol and holster prior to the final qualification portion of the class.
  3. Students must have a baseball cap, hearing and eye protection
  4. You must be willing to get your license within 6 months of completing the course.

At Walden Arms, LLC we take firearm safety AND PERSONAL DEFENSE very seriously. Below are some of our CPL course information to help you decide if getting your CPL with Walden Arms, LLC is the right choice for you.

Below you will find a detailed outline of what our CPL course looks like:

To begin, we get together and shoot 100 rounds at our outdoor range. We go over stance, grip, 4 basic safety rules , sight picture and sight alignment, mag or cylinder change, moving and shooting and single hand shooting with both hands. Once you demonstrate you have the basics and can handle a pistol safely you will receive the course book (which you get to keep). We schedule the classroom training (CLASSES ARE NOT BIGGER THAN 4-6 PEOPLE then we can scheduled a day and time of the week to meet).

Classroom training consists of four, 2.5 hour class sessions (once per week for a total of 12 hours) At the end of class, there is an 89 question test and you must pass missing not more than one question. I have NEVER had anyone fail. We then shoot a laser tag exercise from 3 feet. You must hit the target 100% in all three stages (You keep going until you do).

The last portion consists of the 250 round live fire at the range which should take about 3.5 hours. You must have a holster, safety glasses, a baseball hat and hearing protection. The range is outside regardless of the elements. 200 rounds will be on move and shooting, up close shooting, weak and strong hand shooting, from your back and sides, use of cover and drawing your pistol and shooting. The qualification portion is 50 rounds at an 8” target from 1yd to 15 yards. You are only allowed 2 alibis (misses).

What Happens When you’ve completed the course:

When you complete all three portions you are awarded a certificate. You take the certificate to the County Clerks Office and make your application for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License. The clerk will charge you $100 and the sheriff’s office will charge you $15 for the fingerprints. Within 45 days you get your CPL as long as you pass the requirements. The cost is $250 for the CPL class and $45 for the per shooting class (unless you buy a gun from me in that case this fee is waived). This price DOES NOT include ammo. I have range ammo available for sale for my class only!
You can make payments on the class but before you get your certificate you must be paid in full. 

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