This short video demonstrates the GoGun USA Super Comp XL on a Walden Arms AR15. This comp makes a .223/5.56 have virtually no felt recoil or sight movement instead giving it the “feels like a .22” when shooting any AR15 platform.  Like other GoGun® products it “breaks” the problem into multiple axis. The case 6 (hex) plus 2 (impulse and flip) make up the 3 mixing chambers and 14 Axial Ports that dissipate energy inside the brake resulting is a very sweet shooting brake that does not disturb your sight picture. In short, energy is dissipated inside rather than outside the brake redirecting the blast into a Stabilizing Star Pattern without the unwanted effect of climb or jump.

I absolutely love this break!  The Super Comp XL has improved my shot groupings by allowing for close successive shots.

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