GoGun comp on walden arms rifle

GoGun USA Super Comp XL Review

  This short video demonstrates the GoGun USA Super Comp XL on a Walden Arms AR15. This comp makes a .223/5.56 have virtually no felt recoil or sight movement instead giving it the “feels like a .22” when shooting any AR15 platform.  Like other GoGun® products it “breaks” the problem into multiple axis. The case […]

Ruger-556 rifle

Ruger AR 556 Review

In this quick video I review the American made Ruger AR 556. The AR 556 is a high value, low cost version of Eugene Stoner’s AR-15, with some very interesting innovations incorporated by Ruger. Call or email Walden Arms to get your own Ruger AR 556. 269-788-4606 info@waldenarms.com   Have fun shooting and be safe!